4 Ways to Better Display Your Products in Your Trade Show Booth

Creating trade show displays can be a real challenge, one that many sellers will often times fail at for some of the most obvious reasons. You’re eager to make an impression on the hundreds of visitors who are going to walk by each day as you entice them to step inside your booth, yet that can make you lose sight of the very reason why you’re attending a trade show in the first place.

Booth design is all about making the simplest ideas stand out but sometimes putting too much time and effort into building the most attractive display can end up pushing aside the most important element of the trade show – your product line.

No matter how much thought goes into the design of your booth, if your visitors can’t see your products or understand what makes them so unique or useful to consumers then all of this work is going to end up being a huge waste of time.

 So when you are planning and designing your booth and displays, by all means pay attention to incorporating eye-catching graphics, bright and bold colors, easy to read fonts, and hiring the best personnel to ensure that everything runs smoothly. But also make sure that your products are the main attraction.

These things are part of the surrounding displays you want to create so that your product stands out and your booth projects an inviting and informational atmosphere. Here are four ways to better display your products so that you can achieve total trade show booth success:

Limit the Products on Display

A booth that has too much to view and examine can feel cluttered, unkempt, and generally unpleasant to visit. When you go to a trade show, you don’t necessarily need to bring along every component of your product line to display to buyers.

Most exhibitors will bring a limited number of items to display and demonstrate so that they can not only control the amount of inventory kept on hand in the booth but so that buyers don’t feel completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of products from which to choose.

Selecting the best examples that show off the product and the company should only be the ones you bring with you and set up in your booth. In addition, make sure you have created ample storage space in or near the booth for you to store your any sample products that you plan to hand out to visitors.

Keeping the inventory out of the way will make for a cleaner, neater appearance. One that will be remembered as professional and pleasant.

Product Demonstrations

Your products are great, otherwise you wouldn’t be manufacturing them, selling them to the public, and bringing along a few boxes with you to this trade show.

However, your visitors and potential future clientele may not be well-versed in the wonderous capabilities of your product. Therefore it is up to you to educate them about everything that you have to offer inside your booth.

That means providing a detailed presentation about each of your products, how they work, what sets them apart from the rest, and why they are the ideal product to solve various problems or needs of the public. If you can do that with these items, you will be putting them in a far better spotlight than merely leaving them on a shelf or display table without accompanying sales information.

Watch Your Placement

Size matters when it comes to showing off the goods. So be mindful of where you place certain products based on how large or small they might be. For the former, you can seat larger products on the ground and position various signage around it to get the attention of your customers.

Smaller items can be housed on shelving around the booth surrounded by larger, eye-catching graphics, images, and/or video that can demonstrate how the product operates under normal circumstances.

Proper Lighting

It goes without saying that a trade show booth should have good lighting, both for practical and aesthetic purposes. This includes your product displays and without good, smart lighting design it could be a challenge selling the product effectively.

The key to remember is to increase the amount of lighting on and around the product, as a way of spotlighting the item for the best visibility. Just be sure it’s not harsh, garish, or overly bright so as to turn off the viewer or drown out the product altogether.

Try a few styles of lighting to find the best lighting method for the product being featured as not all products will benefit from the same lighting.

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