Applications of magnets in industry

The magnets of elements that attract or repel ferromagnetic metals , their magnetism is such that it is possible to attract objects composed of iron, nickel, cobalt or alloys of these.

These can be natural or artificial. Man has used them at his whim, taking advantage of them as much as possible, realizing many creations of our era.

Depending on the segment, the magnets in the industry have had a very different use, from decorative items to part of complex systems of quality assurance in productive processes, all to a greater or lesser extent impacting on human consumption being a large number of elements that we have carriers of these objects.

By having a size according to the convenience of the industry, custom magnets can be located in very small places such as watches or compasses, or on the contrary in huge structures such as those used to catch vehicles that will be destroyed.

Uses of magnets in industry

Decorative industry: Without being the most advantageous to these elements, the decorative sector has had great support of these electromagnetic items to do their job, from small souvenirs in the refrigerator to the internal operation of watches and other objects providing the home, office or space desired a different and modern image.

Many domestic elements also require the use of magnets so they are undoubtedly a great ally of the entire sector.

Electronic industry: Many of the work and entertainment tools we have in the home require the use of magnets in the electronics industry, to which they belong, in order to offer us a quality service.

Both TV screens, computers, speakers, fans, among others require magnets for their operation, particularly electromagnetic magnets, which only work when electricity passes through them.

Financial Industry: Both banks and transportation means require magnets in the industry for the operation of basic elements such as ATMs, reading debit and credit cards, and in fact everything that requires magnetic strips to operate.

Large industry: In large industries such as construction, production and the like are very useful magnets, particularly the largest and most powerful as neodymium or one of their counterparts. They are usually required to transport huge structures that must be positioned to build, such as electromagnetic elevators that collect large parts to move them, in vehicle manufacturers and even in large civil projects in cities.

Why use magnets in industry

Basically it is not about convincing if they are necessary or not, the reality is that they are used for many industrial processes and will continue to be used until finding another, more efficient way to do them, something that probably happens but without a doubt, a great advance of man in the use of magnets and their multiple properties. This useful discovery will be for many years more exploited by all people and industries.