ExpoMarketing Portable Trade Show Displays

In most cases, people purchase portable trade show displays because they need a show booth, but also to cut labor and shipping expenses. However, it is good to understand that some companies do not go for trade shows, but for other face-to-face marketing events. These marketing events may include pop up shops for retailers, open houses for real estate companies or other networking events. Therefore, such companies will need trade show displays rather than the regular trade shows booths.

Here we look at the two types of portable trade displays available at ExpoMarketing.

  1. Pop up Displays

Pop up displays allows you to break out of the usual approach of trade show booths while also saving time and money. ExpoMarketing offers new pop up displays that are perfect for most exhibitors. The pop-up displays provide a cost-effective option to traditional display booths as they offer cost savings and convenience in a single package that is easy to use.

Moreover, the new ExpoMarketing pop-up display offers a simple and highly portable solution for exhibition for fraction cost of a traditional booth. With the versatile pop-up stand, you can make a massive splash at small regional trade shows and even large national conventions or an event of any size in between.

ExpoMarketing pop-up stands are easy to assemble and disassemble after the show and are also easy to carry as they are lightweight. All the pop-up trade displays have double or single-sided graphic designs. Besides, the high-resolution graphics make your pop up displays to stand out on even a crowded floor of a trade show.

  1. LightBox Pop up Displays

ExpoMarketing lightbox pop stands help your brand to be in the spotlight in a trade show floor. TheValencia Lite 100LB lightbox display comes with a high-resolution graphic that uses the interior Led light to illuminates the trade show. Moreover, the lightbox pop up stand features a profile width with an ideal thickness to allow it to be free-standing, which makes it unique.

The ExpoMarketing LightBox is available in two packages, which gives you the much-needed flexibility to print on a double-sided or single side. In addittion, the Valencia Lite 100LB is made with sturdy materials and design that allows it to withstand the rigors of frequent travel and thus saves your money as it can be used multiple times. The design and fabrication company can also print new graphics to be used with your existing pop-up frame.


Overall, ExpoMarketing makes it easy for you to design a quality pop up stand for your next show. Moreover, the trade show displays are available in two different sizes that include 20” x 8” and 10” x 8”. For pop up stands, there are two options to choose from, including a straight backdrop design that features a seamless tension fabric or their unique curved design. Besides, ExpoMarketing pop-up displays offer the same custom feel and look as their award-winning rental show booths, which are 100 percent customizable and relatively affordable.