Misinformation About Topsoil That You Should Know Before Making A Purchase

Almost everyone who has owned a home has needed to buy topsoil for one reason or another. Usually, it is for filling a flower bed or vegetable garden or even putting in a lawn. In some cases, homeowners must purchase topsoil after natural disasters such as flooding that washes away the top layers of the soil on their property. It’s an important part of any piece of property as it gives plants a good place to take root and thrive as it is generally less porous than the layers of soil below. This allows the roots to take hold and grow which can prevent future erosion. There are some misbeliefs about topsoil among many homeowners that need to be cleared up before making a purchase.

Topsoil Is Supposed to Be Black

While a lot of topsoil that is used can be rather dark in hue, being extremely black doesn’t always indicate that is the best quality. In fact, a lot of very dark topsoil is lacking the essential nutrients that plants need to grow and thrive. The dark part of the soil is the organic matter, which is essentially just decomposing nitrogen. It’s important that the topsoil has some grit to it, this grit contains all the minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium that are essential in proper plant growth. There needs to be a good combination of organic matter and minerals to make good topsoil, and this means that it’s not always going to be a dark black color.

Topsoil Doesn’t Require Fertilizer

When you are purchasing topsoil, you are essentially just buying the soil. You are not buying the nutrients and fertilizer that your plants will need. As different plants require different nutrients, it’s important to test the soil to make sure it has everything you will need for your purposes.

All You Have to Do Is Spread Topsoil for Plants to Grow

While topsoil is great to allow for the growth of plants, the layers beneath it may not be. In general, the soil below where you are placing the topsoil will be considerably denser than what you are putting down. To ensure the best potential for root growth for topsoil puyallup wa, it’s important to place a few inches down and till it together with the existing soil before placing another layer on top. This will provide a transitional layer in which roots will be able to flourish.

Good Topsoil Won’t Grow Weeds

Topsoil is good for growing most types of plants, and this includes weeds. Topsoil will always include at least some weeds in it and many times this will include seeds of plants that you weren’t planning on growing. While these seeds could be killed by heating the soil, this, unfortunately, would kill the microorganism present in the soil that are so beneficial to plant growth. Killing these seeds and microorganisms may prevent weeds from growing, but it will also create a bad environment for what you are wanting to grow as well.

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