Prestigious corporate gifts

Prestigious business gifts and gadgets are the most given objects, mainly at the end of the year or of a collaboration, to customers and suppliers to thank them for their collaboration.

This tradition, which could be defined as an “old use”, is unfortunately declining despite the fact that it isbeing seen by experts as one of the most direct and effective marketing methods.

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The gift coherence

In the corporate world there are many opportunities to give and seal an important moment: Christmas, the retirement of an employee, the awarding of employees’ and customers’ loyalty, but also as a reward for achieving a goal, for motivating the staff or for celebratinga promotion.  To be successful,a corporate gift must be in line with the values, ideas and quality of the company, for design, materials and value.

Curiosity about corporate gifts

The term “gadget” was coined following the popularity of a “primal” corporate gift. In fact, in 1886 for the inauguration of the Statue of Liberty, Gaget, Gauthier &Ciela, a French company that had dealt with the fusion of the statue, created a small bronze model to give away on the day of the event: October 28th. The gift popularity was exponential, and New Yorkers began to call it with the same name as one of their creators: Gaget. The termspread all over the world thanks to the similarity with the French term “gagèe”, a small object.

Using corporate gifts over the time, has become synonymous with seriousness, recognition, towards employees, but also and above all towards customers.

Giving, as an example, a personalized Swiss made watch with the logo of your company can be a successful choice , because your brand in this way, can also be known by third parties, who will see at the wrist of your customer the watch given.

We speak of indirect marketing, which often and willingly, especially today that we are bombarded on every front by advice for purchases, is more effective because it stimulates interest without being invasive.

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