Starting an Online Business

Success isn’t always guaranteed, but there are certain things that you can do to maximise your chances of being successful. In this article we give some tips that you can follow to make your online business flourish. Like we said, following these steps may not guarantee your success but you will most likely find yourself on the right path if you follow them.

Find a Need and Fill It

A common mistake that most aspiring entrepreneurs make is that they first decide which product they will be selling and then look for the market that will purchase it.

But starting with the market first can boost your chances of success. You should look for a group of people who are endeavouring to find a solution to a problem but are not able to find it. Performing such a type of market research has been made easy by the internet.

  • You can determine what type of questions are being asked by people on online forums and what are the problems that they are facing.
  • You can find keywords that are in demand by performing a keyword research and find those for which many sites aren’t competing.
  • You can visit the sites of your potential competitors and try to understand what effort they are taking to fill the demand.  

Once you have gained the necessary knowledge you must put it to use while designing the product and keep the target market in mind at the time.

Writing Copy that Sells

There must be a sales formula in place which can guide the visitors from the moment they arrive at your website to the moment they make a purchase.

  • Use a compelling headline to arouse interest.
  • Include a description of the problem that your product solves.
  • Include positive feedback that you get from your customers about your product.
  • Make a reasonable offer.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Ask for the sale.

When you design the copy you must write it from the perspective of a consumer and let them know what is in store for them if they decide to purchase it.

Building Your Website

Once you have researched about your market, determined which product you will be selling and how you will be going about your selling process, you must come up with a web design for your site.

The website should always be simple enough for the visitor to understand and they must be able to figure out what you’re selling in under five seconds as that is all the time that you may have to grab the visitor’s attention.

  • The font you use should be perfectly legible.
  • Navigation should be simple, clear and consistent across different pages.
  • Graphics, video or audio must be used only if they make your message clear and increase its impact.
  • Give them a signup offer to obtain their personal information such as email address.
  • The buying process should be easier and a potential customer shouldn’t have to click more than twice to checkout.

Using Search Engines to Direct Users to Your Website

The easiest way to get traffic to a new website is to make use of Pay-per-click advertising. Waiting for traffic to come to your site organically may not be an ideal strategy and PPC has two advantages over it.

The first advantage is that advertisements come up instantly on search pages. The second advantage is that the business can figure out which keywords, prices, headlines and selling approach works the best.

Use the Power of Email Marketing

You’re creating a valuable asset of your online business when you build an opt-in list. Your subscribers and customers have given you permission to contact them via an email and this means:

  • You’re providing them with something they have asked for.
  • You’re building lasting relationships with them.
  • The response you gather from email marketing is 100 percent measurable.
  • Compared to other forms of marketing such as print, radio or TV, email marketing is cheaper.

A visitor who opts in to your list after visiting your site can be considered to be a hot lead. And there cannot be a better tool than email to follow up with the leads.

While you’re setting up your online business you mustn’t forget the other responsibilities that you have towards it such as protecting your business and personal assets such as writing a Will using a free Will kit.