The 4 Types of Office Stationery Every Business Needs to Have

If you want to position yourself as an entrepreneur and envisage your business as a budding enterprise, then you must take the printing of your office stationery very seriously.

4 Must-Have Office Stationery for Every Business

Your office stationery is not just bits of paper. They project the stature of your company to the outside world. They are the official face of your business.  This is why even if you want to economize, you must print at least these 4 types of office stationery compulsorily.

1. Letterheads

Letterheads are the medium of your communication with the outside world. They carry your official correspondence and are hence absolutely essential for any professional organization. Only letters printed on your company letterhead are valid for all legal and financial purposes. More than emails, only letters printed on letterheads are taken as proof of record for all business transactions.

With your company name, logo and address, your letterheads give the complete contact details of your company for communication purposes. They also serve the purpose of branding.

2. Envelopes

Official letters look professional only when they are mailed using official envelopes. Envelopes printed with the company logo and address bear the mail to be hand-delivered or couriered to the recipients.

Envelopes must be tastefully designed since they are the first stationery to be handled by customers or clients. Their striking design must make the recipient want to open it and give it a good read.

Envelopes can be small or long but the must carry the company credentials without fail. No office correspondence should be mailed in blank envelopes. Branded envelopes uphold the dignity of your company.

3. Business Cards

A business card can act as the “go-getter” for your office. Business cards act as a means of introduction of your company to new clients or customers. They help to break the ice and open up the conversation between 2 people when they are exchanged between them. Business cards act as branding collaterals as well as they strike a good impression and evoke interest in the company. They are a sign of legitimate authority and credibility of the company. They reflect the corporate stature of the company. You would do well to print this kind of office stationery and design it well.

4. Files or Folders

Paperwork is going to get heaped like a mountain on your office desk unless you organize it in separate files or folders. Incoming and outgoing mails, receipts, vouchers, purchase orders, invoices, way bills etc. need to be segregated and stacked separately. The only way to organize these efficiently is to sort them and put them in files or folders. Paper filed are easily traceable and can be retrieved in no time without delay. Files and folders offer a professional appearance to your organization.

So, make sure you get these 4 kinds of office stationery to improve your office efficiency.

Every office must have at least the above 4 office stationery to enable its smooth functioning and efficiency.

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