What to Explore Amsterdam More than City

Amsterdam is one of the most visited places in the world. The beauty of this place is undisputable. Every year a large number of tourists come in groups or alone to visit this beautiful place. Amsterdam’s best restaurants, bars, events and museums are those hidden gems that are visited in large numbers by its locals. As this country is well connected, reaching to this place will not be an issue. If you are planning to visit this beautiful country in your next holiday tour, then this article will serve as a helpful guide.

Eye Film Museum

Most of the holiday destinations in Amsterdam are built around the water. A tourist can get some of the stunning views from the canals. That is what makes the roundtrips on the “canal boats” very popular among tourists.  There is a wonderful Eye Film museum that features informative documentaries, interesting movies, a restaurant with brilliant river views.

Watch a movie at boutique cinema

Though Netflix has become a popular way to watch your favorite movies, locals in Amsterdam still love to visit a cinema to make their evenings special. There is a wide range of independent boutique cinemas in Amsterdam that caters to all types of cinematic styles such as cult classics, mainstream blockbusters, art-house and foreign flicks films. “The Movies” is one of the ancient cinema halls in Amsterdam. FC Hyena is an ideal place to find handpicked comedies and documentaries.

Eat Indonesian food

Indonesian food is one of the specialties in the Netherlands. If you are visiting Amsterdam, then you must not miss eating Indonesian food. There are so many restaurants that serve great food. If you haven’t tasted this food before, then you can start with a Nasi Rammes or Bami Rammes. Bami is nothing else than fried noodles, and Nasi is fried rice. You can even enjoy a rijsttafel or a rice table. People who love spicy food would surely like Indonesian food.

Expand culinary horizons

Amsterdam is a land known for rich cultural significance that is summed up seamlessly in its heterogenous cuisine. Besides Dutch sweets and treats and the Indonesian food, you can even love the delicious Surinam cuisine. In Amsterdam, you will find Middle-Eastern influences throughout the city. The most amazing part of these restaurants is that here the food is as heartfelt and warming as the hospitality and generosity of people.

Be a part of a festival

The Dutch people are fond of celebrations and festivals. You will see thousands of people from different parts of the world to be a spectator of the world’s most popular Dutch music events. Both small and big, Amsterdammers gather and celebrate culture, art, music and food related events every week.

Learn to speak Dutch

If you want to feel a part of Dutch community, then you should know a little bit of this language. This will help you in conversing to waiters while ordering your meals, or paying for a ticket in a local commutation channel. Knowledge of Dutch will surely give you a feeling of closeness and would even help in making Dutch friends.

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Visiting Amsterdam is a lifetime experience. This is a versatile and welcoming country that steals the hearts of whoever visits it.