5 tips on SEO conference speaking

Have you been invited to be a speaker at a PPC conference? You must be wondering how your presentation will turn out to be. It is normal to be nervous since public speaking has never been easy. You can, however, make a great speech and continue getting invites to a lot of SEO conferences. The following tips will help you be an exemplary speaker.

Win your audience

Every presentation has a specific goal. As a speaker, you may be trying to convince your audience about some of the best SEO strategies that they should be using. Try to use your slides in such a way that you help the audience get past their doubts and fears.

Avoid boring speeches that make the attendees lose focus quickly. Instead, bring out the energy as you engage the audience. Even though you are educating them, do not overdo it.

Don’t follow the presentation rules to the letter

Though presentation rules are set as a guide to help speakers, you should be a bit flexible with them. When you are passionate about your topic, you will bring enthusiasm to the audience. Therefore, come up with a compelling discussion as you develop your story creatively. Aim at solving a problem that the audience may have.

You also need to do extensive research so that you can offer unique knowledge and not basic things that the audience already knows. Educate yourself about the topic in depth so that you can be an SEO expert and deliver an unforgettable speech. Researching helps you develop confidence and eliminates anxiety.

Learn from others

There is always something new you can learn from other speakers. Purpose to attend other marketing events such as the London conference. They have great speakers who have a lot of experience in the field. You can also learn a lot from political speakers though they may not be in the SEO field. From such, observe their body language when delivering speeches, how they pace as well as their storytelling techniques.

Come up with compelling slides

Your slide design is what draws the attention of the audience. Ensure that each slide brings out the main points as you use bullets to organize your work. You should also ensure that you present your work well on social media. Get slides that are unique so that the attendees can enjoy sharing them as you make your presentation worth it.

Rehearse your speech

After you are through with your research, think about your delivery. Some speakers have great content but poor delivery. To avoid this, you should rehearse your speech before getting in front of an audience. Get a few friends to listen to your speech as you allow room for criticism so that you can correct any errors.

Practicing your speech helps you grasp the content so that you don’t keep on referring to your notes. It also enables you to polish your work as you get rid of points that do not resonate with the audience. You can either memorize the content or use a freestyle approach.

Memorizing the content enables you to cover all the points though this can be difficult. A freestyle approach with the help of presentation slides is wise since it prevents you from getting nervous.