Padded and non-slip cover to transport pets in the car

Dog car seat cover 

With storage pocket, mesh vision design, Non-scratch and waterproof material, seat anchor and non-slip backrest, Ideal for dog trips / short and long trips, suitable for cars and trucks.


Complete protective dog seat cover adopted with waterproof fabric that guarantees the clean environment of the car inside. In addition, the scratch-free cover offers additional comfort that protects the car seat well. This dog car seat cover designed with storage pocket that can be used to store pets ‘Products like brushes and toys. There is a piece designed as a mesh display, therefore, every movement and moment of pets can be clearly seen. Improves communication between the driver and pets.


1 Mesh Part: It is the smartest design of this case, which offers a drive and pet owner a real-time perspective to check pets ‘ Situation Both Communication and interaction can be found at the same time.

2 Storage pockets: This portable Pet seat cover has two storage pockets that can be used to store some pets ‘ Problems such as brush or pets ‘Toy

3 Water resistant design: We guarantee that the water won ‘ Impregnating this cover that wets the car seat. The waterproof fabric used as the main material. Therefore, there are no worries of dogs ‘ wet feet?

4 Ultra large: 82 “L x 57 “W could perfectly fit different car sizes. With full protection, not only the car seat can be protected, but also the interior decoration of the car.

5 Easy installation: This cover design with smart hooks that are adjustable in length. Therefore, it will only take a few minutes to install.


Length (full): 82”

Length (main seat): 53”

Width (full): 57”

Color: Black


Design and practical

The R-Car indoor car cover is ideal for protecting your or your vehicles parked outside your home, in your garden, in a parking lot or on your street. Easy to maintain, it does not rust, this vehicle cover will protect your vehicle from external aggressions, from the sun, hail and other inclement weather. Our garages also benefit from Azenco’s experience in the manufacture of pool and terrace covers, as well as an exclusive, authentic brand signature design. The Agency garage consists of a thermo-lacquered aluminum structure labeled by Qualicoat Qualimarine and alveolar polycarbonate plates with double-sided anti-UV treatment. The profiles have a ventilation channel that limits and evacuates the condensation of polycarbonate plates.


Practical to store your vehicle against your home

The Azenco terraced car cover is a very functional cover. Leaning against the facade of your home, the Azenco garage allows you to protect your vehicle in all seasons. It is also very practical to download your purchases in case of bad weather. If you add your vehicle cover to your home that has a window or a sliding door, you can also turn it into a small covered terrace in summer for moments of relaxation. You can also use it to keep the firewood in the free part. Several finished with trend colors are available for aluminum braces. Your attached garage will be perfectly integrated with the walls of your house and its surroundings. The curvature of the roof allows a very good evacuation of rainwater without damaging its contemporary design. Composed of a thermo-lacquered aluminum structure labeled Qualicoat Qualimarine and alveolar polycarbonate plates with double-sided anti-UV treatment, they make this vehicle cover elegant and very easy to maintain. This cover can also be equipped with protective walls made of polycarbonate panels.


Design and spacious

The 2-seater R-Car car cover is specially designed to accommodate 2 vehicles. Protect your car from the weather: hail, rain laden with sand, dust, ice, but also from heat (without direct contact with the sun’s rays). The R-Car vehicle cover does not rust, which makes maintenance even easier. This garage will protect your vehicle from inclement weather such as hail or sun. The R-Car deck is independent but, it can also be attached to a wall in your yard. Our R-Car garages benefit from Azenco’s competencies in the manufacture of pool coverings and terrace covers as well as an innovative design, the company’s authentic brand. The profiles of the vehicle cover are made of thermo-lacquered aluminum labeled Qualicoat QualiMarine and the roof is made of alveolar polycarbonate plates with UV amti treatment and anti-yellowing. The profiles have a ventilation channel that evacuates and limits the condensation of polycarbonate plates.


Design and practical

The cover for caravan R-Car of Azenco is ideal to protect caravans parked outside and protect them from weather conditions such as sun and hail, particularly. Easy to install, it can be installed independently or attached to the house. Its flat, slightly curved roof allows water to evacuate easily. An evacuation channel arranged in the profiles allows limiting and evacuating the condensation on the roof. Composed of a thermo-lacquered aluminum structure labeled Qualicoat and Qualimarine, the roof is composed of dibon with double-sided anti-UV treatment and anti- yellowing. This treatment prevents direct contact of the sun’s rays with the vehicle. Very easy to maintain, the cover does not rust. Azenco is at your disposal to make all your demands. If you want your roof to be attached, added or totally independent, our department will be in charge of carrying out your custom project from beginning to end.

Camouflage Car Cover

If you want to hide your car so you can’t find it yourself, this is the cover you should use! You can choose between different camouflages models for countryside, desert or snow that will make anyone realize that your car is there.

Optical Lenses for the Car

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