Pick the best forex brokers for your trading

The best forex brokers are judged by how they serve and cooperate with the clients to feed up their trading for the mutual benefit and that clients can feel safe trading with the brokers. So there are many things that needed testing before traders choose the most suitable brokers for them. Look at the article below as the helpful advice for you to consider about all the best forex brokers now.

 Leverage is important

A broker which is generous about leverage attracts more traders to open accounts with. The leverage rate now is high for Exness which is none limit for certain kinds of accounts which are funded at lower than 1000$ and been traded for the fifth while accounts have more than 1000$ in the account, the leverage could be 1:2000, the highest in the market. FBS and Hotforex also give the high leverage at 1:1000; coming after them is XM, at 1:888.

Account type development

Best brokers raise their policy for account types. Exness account is continuously upgraded and now traders can open Exness account with the lowest deposit as they wish. There is no number for that. Also, at the very low level, FBS limits the deposit at 1$, Hotforex with that number at 5$. Exness accounts are the most preferred. It is unlike other big brokers which request the minimum deposit very high, like FXCM with at 2000$ and Forex.com with 500$ for deposit.

The cost for trading is affordable

Trading cost is all about commission and spread that traders need to pay in the during trading. Spread is commonly searched for in EURUSD. In the market, Exness has the lowest rate, at only 1.1 pip and XM and FXTM have 1.7 pip rate. Also, Hotforex also ask the spread of 1.1 only. Commission fee is commonly charged for ECN account. Among the best ECN brokers, Exness seems to be the most reasonable commission chargers. They need only 2.5 rate for commission from traders.

 The best certificates

Now, ASIC, CySEC, FSA, CFTC, NFA, NFA are the among the best licenses for brokers to have and with one of them they can prove their reputation and also it is unnecessary to have more than one licenses. For example, Asian traders need one license from traders only. Like in Thailand, best forex brokers in Thailand have only one license to protect their clients. And also, UK or US brokers do not need licenses from other inappropriate countries’ license. As it is a well-known fact that more licenses will restrict brokers to give traders more benefit like high leverage, low spread more supporting tools…. So one trusted license is proper. So important things about licenses are where it is from and how many licenses a broker has.

 Helping method is significant

The difficulties about helping clients for their trading problems are the difference in language and the presence of local office. Not all the traders are good at speaking English that make them feel inconvenient to ask for help and they worry that the responses are answered in a long time. In case brokers do not have them local offices the time of contacting with clients really annoys them. Some largest forex brokers like Exness, FxPro, FBS and XM have their offices in most of the working areas so people can come and communicate directly in their origin language. Moreover, Exness also has the best service to support traders with their 247 service, both locally and online. Exness also connects traders around the world with the system of IB and all the departments are developed well in their company. All these factors prove that Exness forex broker can serve their client in instant time and with the best convenience.

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